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Usual Myths About STDs, Debunked

If you are an adult that have involved in sexual activity you probably have thought about getting a test for STDs before and this thought can be frightening and that is why you should ensure that you are safe all the time you are having intercourse. Most people are under-educated about STDs as they only know that it is sexually transmitted. Here in this guide, the usual myths that you have heard about STDs will be debunked.

The number one typical myth about STDs is that most people think that STDs come from sex because most common way diseases are spread through sex. Most people don’t have the clue that you can have a STDs without ever having sex because there are a lot of ways you can contract STDs according to this guide. The other ways through which you can contract STDs disease include sharing unsterilized needles and contact between body fluids, for instance, you can get herpes through normal kissing, get HIV when you have a wound and you blood comes in contact with that of an HIV positive person.

The second common myth about STDs is that people think that STDs are always visible. In most cases most people think that STDs are always visible and you will be able to see when you or your partner has STDs. It is true that some STD such as herpes will be visible because you will be able to see blisters or rashes on the skin but not all STDs are visible for instance if a person has HIV or AIDs you will not be able to tell that they have the disease by just looking at them and you will have it unless to go for testing.

The third common myth about STDs is that the possibility is shameful. Most people think the possibility is shameful but because there are many ways through which STDs can be transmitted according to this guide and there is no shame in knowing that you or your partner could be a potential carrier of one. When you suspect that you have STDs it is important that you and your partner get tested and also ensure that you talk about your sex life to ensure that you are safe and you always have a safe sex.

The other common myth about STDs is that pills prevent STDs. It is true that pills can be much helpful in many other ways such as controlling birth but in STDs it not true that they can prevent STDs and using a condom is the only birth control method that can protect you from getting STDs. Suppose you are one of the people that are under-educated about STDs then this guide will help you learn more and be able to ensure you and your partner are safe. In conclusion this guide above outline the common myths about STD debunked.